Awsome Log House near NewFound Lake at New Hempshi...

Awsome Log House near NewFound Lake at New Hempshire

      This wonderful log house is located near Newfound Lake in New Hampshire. A wonderful log house that reflects the beauty of nature with its natural log design. This log house was chosen as the most striking of all log houses built in 2020.

      This log house has a 2-storey design and has its own kitchen, living room, 3 adult bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as its own garage. The building has its own veranda. Outside, there is a fire pit and a jacuzzi in which you can relax. The materials used are first class workmanship and natural materials. This log house has a large land area. It offers a living space where a family with children or 3 friends who want to enjoy life can comfortably stay.

      When we look at the living room, all the furniture used is in harmony with natural materials and color palette. The only flaw is that the color palette is very limited. Featuring an active gas fireplace. The living room directly views Newfound Lake.

      The kitchen is very useful and has all the ingredients the guests will need. It has a large refrigerator, oven and dishwasher. All sets are also available so you can eat your meals comfortably.

      We mentioned that there are 3 adult rooms in the log house. Each of these bedrooms has a double bed and desks. All materials are made with natural wood materials, like every part of the house.

      There is also a bathroom in the building. You can easily meet all your personal needs in this spacious bathroom. Since it is natural wood, necessary precautions have been taken to prevent it from becoming moldy due to water.

      When we look around the log house, it is built on a large area. It offers a great playground for children. There is a fire pit and a barbecue where you can have peaceful conversations with your family. It has a jacuzzi where you can get to know yourself or watch the stars. The log house is very close to Newfound Lake. You can swim or canoe in this lake. It has a great potential where you can socialize. 

We can also say that it is very close to many natural beauties.
  • Tenney Ski Mountain 3 miles
  • Ski launch Gray Rocks .6 miles
  • Sculptured Rocks 4 miles
  • Polar Caves 7 miles
  • Market Basket 8 miles
  • Cardigan Mountain Orchard 11 miles
  • Plymouth State 11 miles
  • Ragged Mountain 20 miles
  • Waterville Valley 28 miles
  • Loon Mtn 34 miles

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