Great Black A-Frame Cabin at Foot of Adirondack Mo...

Great Black A-Frame Cabin at Foot of Adirondack Mountain

      This uniquely beautiful a-frame cabin offers you the opportunity to experience the natural beauty of the Adirondack Mountains. Built at the foot of the Adirondack Mountain, the a-frame cabin will allow your lungs to breathe in fresh air thanks to its high altitude. The A-frame building is also the winner of the Best Airbnb in New York State, 2019 award in a-frame cain airbnbs

Structure Design

      The building has a small 2-storey design. It is more suitable for a couple to stay rather than a family. The unique strikingness of black in green nature will always attract you with its striking black design in the snow. The building has a living room and a kitchen integrated with the living room, a bathroom and a bedroom.

Sitting Room

      Leather-covered and dark-coloured furniture was chosen to reflect the theme of nature for a frame house when you pass your time in a-frame cabin. 

      With its lighting, it has such a unique appearance that when you look at it at night, you say I am here. You can have a unique time at night with the fireplace and smart TV.


      It has a fully equipped kitchen that can meet all needs. Thanks to its modern lines, you can enjoy cooking in it. Metal black and white items fit perfectly into this kitchen, where the intense and dark colors of the pine trees in its natural environment are perfectly reflected. You can easily watch the unique view of the outside while eating your meal.


      The bedroom on the second floor has a double bed with a motor. This bed takes you out of the A-frame cabin and offers a unique sleeping experience under the stars. Thanks to this feature, which is rare among all a-frame cabins, it allows you to be partially in touch with nature.

A-Frame's Natural Environment

    Due to the location of the A-frame, you can fully experience the summer, winter, autumn and spring seasons. Natural valleys are very close to the ski areas.

     There is also a lake around it where you can fish. It also has its own fire pit. You can have unique conversations around the campfire at night. Thanks to clear skies between April and November, you can experience the stars around the fire or while lying in bed.

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