Wonderful Blue A-Frame Cabin Design

A great design that can meet your needs for peace and seclusion. A great a-frame cabin design that will meet all your needs while making itself visible in its environment.

A-Frame Cabin Structural Design

      The fact that the building is slightly higher than the land elevation makes the house ideal for everyone. With a tiny two-story design, it meets all needs while not taking up too much space. An original a-frame cabin design is faithful to the design.

       There are not too many openings in the roof design. Window openings were used only where necessary. The main material of the structure is wood, which harmonizes with its surroundings and creates a healthy living space. A small patio is placed to enjoy the outdoors.

A-Frame Cabin Interior Design

      Our building, which has a two-storey design, includes common areas on the lower floor. The bedroom, which is a private use area, is placed upstairs as usual. In order for the living room and kitchen to be in a spacious area, another floor was not built on top. With this design, it is prevented from being in a suffocating and cramped structure

      The living room and kitchen are intertwined. While it provides comfort in use, perhaps it has been a disadvantage for those who do not want to be watched while cooking. A simple living room also catches our eye.

However, it can be said that the living room is a little more cramped. When we look at the kitchen, it offers a sufficient space. It can be seen that the dining table and storage area are solved with the kitchen island. The breakfast table could have been used for the kitchen.

 The flaw in this design is that the living room and kitchen are side by side. If they were positioned diagonally, both could have a little more space.

      When we look at the bedroom, we see a very simple structure. The full-wall window provides a clear view of the outside and it is very nice to make more use of natural light. Moving on to the bathroom, we see a wonderful and modern bathroom

      In the sink part, the focus is on the natural material of the structure. In the shower part, blue color was chosen with water focus. 

With its very successful design, it offers a pleasurable shower experience without getting bored and drowning.

When we look at the holistic structure of the building, it can be said that it reflects the structure of a frame cabin very well. It is a wonderful design where you can live alone or with your family for health and peace.

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