Natural Unique Design Tiny Cabin on North Georgia ...

Natural Unique Design Tiny Cabin on North Georgia Mount

      This unique tiny cabin design is located in Dohlonega, Georgia. Designed for the unique nature of the North Georgia Mountains. It’s a great design for short-term vacations.

Exterior Design of Tiny Cabin

      Tiny cabin is built on a sloping terrain. The main structure sits directly on the land. The level of the house was captured with the feet of the veranda part. In the most used parts of the structure, nature was brought into the house by choosing wall-length windows.

      Thanks to the wide veranda design, a comfortable movement area has been created. Outside, the jacuzzi offers a wonderful experience while watching the surroundings. You can get an immediate refreshment with an outdoor shower.

      Today, outdoor showers in vacation homes provide both pre-cleaning and quick relaxation before entering.

Tiny Cabin Interior Design

      The harmony of snow white and green is used to reflect the naturalness and colors of the environment. In addition, the natural wood material in the interior design connects the interior and exterior spaces. The choice of furniture, again wood material, brings full harmony.

      The kitchen part will meet the need and is hidden so that white goods do not harm the aura of the environment. This situation also emphasizes the simplicity of the furniture.

      The bathroom is also included in the design of the whole house with shades of white and green. With the choice of natural stones, the feeling of a hammam is evoked. The positioning of the bathtub allows you to relax and be enchanted by nature.

Tiny Cabin Natural Environment

      Located in the North Georgia Mountains, tiny cabin is completely isolated. It makes good use of the surrounding trees, offering a wide view from only one side. In this way, privacy is ensured at the highest level. Designs with wide-angle views on one side are a very common choice for privacy.

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