Beautiful Modern Tiny House at Chester, Vermont

Beautiful Modern Tiny House at Chester, Vermont

      This tiny cabin is located in Chester, Vermont. This small house, in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings, offers you a peaceful life. It creates a natural retreat area as it is surrounded by natural tall trees. The area where the building sits was designed in harmony with the natural environment. In this way, it offers a wide and spacious usage area.

      The living room area of the tiny cabin is designed to offer a spacious area without boring you. The compartments are very well positioned relative to each other and have a wide range of movement. Although the stairs you will use to go from the living room to the upper floors are narrow, they offer a comfortable exit for one person.

      The kitchen of the tiny house is designed very modernly to meet the needs of a family very easily and to prevent accidents during movement. The materials used are first class workmanship materials. It has all the necessary white goods. Although it generally has storage areas that cannot accommodate a large family, it is an ideal small house for a family of 4.

      On the upper floor there is a child’s and an adult’s bedroom that are not connected to each other. It has one double bed. Floor bed for children. Although interconnectedness makes it difficult to take care of children at night, you can reach them quickly. Only adults should be careful about the stairs when descending from the attack room.

      The tiny house has one toilet and one bathroom. With its very large bathroom, one person can do personal care while taking a bath. There is a washing machine for laundry. However, there is no dryer or laundry room for drying. This tiny cabin is in a location that has no water problems.

      The exterior of the tiny house is surrounded by a natural tree fence, as we mentioned at the beginning. It has a wide range of motion. It means a very comfortable playground for children and a safe barbecue. Its location away from city lights gives you the opportunity to see the stars, the beauties of the universe, very clearly. The building also has a fire stove where you can easily light a campfire.

      We are sure that you will definitely have the opportunity to get to know yourself better during your stay in this house, which has a wonderful modern tiny cabin design.

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