Awesome Restful Black A-Frame Cabin in Forest

Awesome Restful Black A-Frame Cabin in Forest

      With its modern design, this a-frame cabin design blends very well with its surroundings with the natural wood color and black color used. With its environmentally friendly design, it is protected from the dangers of the natural environment.

Building Design

      This a frame cabin has a 2-storey design. While its exterior design blends in with its surroundings, it provides you with a wonderful atmosphere of peace with its interior design. The building has a veranda, jacuzzi, living room and kitchen on the lower floor. On the upper floor, there is an adult bedroom with a bathroom, a guest bedroom and a balcony.

Sitting room

      It has a very modern design with a contemporary color palette. The furniture used inside is in full harmony with the color palettes of the design

     Ample movement is allowed without restricting the usage area with too many items. The living room is positioned to open directly to the garden of a frame house.


    It is positioned adjacent to the living room. The kitchen, like the living room, is in full harmony with the color palette of the design. Complete with white goods.

      Each white goods is positioned according to the white goods it needs. The white goods used are made of first-class and healthy materials. Although it does not have a very large pantry area, it will not leave you without food with its refrigerator during your stay.


      The nature that welcomes you when you arrive at the A frame cabin also welcomes you in the bedroom. The bedroom has its own open bathroom. It also has a large balcony where you can watch nature one last time when you wake up or before going to bed at night. It has a very large and long double bed.


    Although not everyone has a private bathroom, the bathroom in the bedroom is very modern and has a very modern design with matching ceramics.

Guest Bedroom

      There is a single bed that can accommodate guests or your child.

Perimeter of A-Frame

      The building is completely isolated in a forest. To reach it, you need to follow a natural path. This natural path is ideal for walking and breathing in the fresh air. Although it does not occupy a very large area, it has a garden where you and your children can hang out comfortably.

      You can watch nature on the veranda integrated with the building overlooking the garden or feel nature in the jacuzzi.
I’m sure this a-frame cabin will make you think you’re in heaven.

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